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Laughing Lotus Yoga Of Anchorage LLC

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630 E 57th Place
Anchorage, Alaska
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Good timing and a mutual passion brought Kim and Svia together in 2007. Over many tea cups we discovered a way to share the teachings that had captivated, nurtured and healed us in so many ways. Our distinct and complementary personalities tilled the soil from which the seed of Laughing Lotus consciously sprouted. In the 5 years since then, she has grown up and developed her own unique character and now we are merely guiding her into the current which is carried and fed by our wonderful community.

We endeavor to offer a warm and inviting space where you feel safe to explore the diverse layers which create the human experience. It is our belief that many paths lead to the same destination. Laughing Lotus strives to be a sanctuary of acceptance and support where a diversity of yoga approaches converge under one roof.

The 7th Sutra in Patanjali's sage text speaks about the ways in which we experience life:

pratyaka-anumna-gam pramni

Insight arises from direct perception, conclusions, or learning that are based on reliable sources. Our personal practice and years of yoga tell us that pratyaksha, that which is right in front of our eyes, is by far the most enriching way to learn. We invite you to explore, share and laugh with us in your own direct experience.


The Laughing Lotus boutique is designed to appeal to our eclectic yoga community with a spirited, vibrant and practical selection of clothing, mats, props, accessories and more. We do our best to keep our racks stocked with new styles as well as old favorites: from the fun tie-dye of Shining Shakti to environmentally conscious Hyde Yoga clothes to high quality and form-fitting Lululemon and everything in-between.

Not only do we offer attractive tops and bottoms for when you're on the mat, but also comfy clothes for relaxing after yoga. We are always on the lookout for fresh items to invigorate our collection and keep our yogis practicing in style and comfort! In addition to clothing, we carry handmade loofah soaps, massage oils and muscle rubs for those looking for gifts or to nurture themselves. Ayurvedic herbs from Shakti Veda provide a great way to stay balanced between visits from our Ayurevdic Therapist

Laughing Lotus offers the leading brands in yoga mats to satisfy a diversity of personal tastes. Included in our regular inventory of mats, blocks, straps and mat bags, you can find Jade, Manduka and Barefoot as well as Yogitoes Skidless for those who tend to slip in a hot practice. We also have luxurious scented sari eye pillows for those blissful savasanas! Bolsters, meditation cushions & other yoga specialty items can be ordered.

Please feel free to make the Laughing Lotus boutique a regular stop when you are looking to refresh your yoga wear or find that perfect gift for a friend. Our supply is constantly changing with over 12 different clothing lines represented throughout the seasons.



Touch lies at the heart of all forms of massage therapy, combining science and art in a healing practice. The various techniques of touch in massage send a message of nurturing, support and care to the body and senses. Therapeutic massage can be used to promote general well-being and enhance self-esteem, while boosting the circulatory and immune systems to benefit blood pressure, cellular absorption of oxygen, muscle tone and digestion. It also acts as a tonic for the body's largest organ, the skin.

Benefits of Massage:
Relieves stress
Increases circulation
Strengthens the immune system
Helps ease insomnia
Relaxes muscle spasms and cramping
Encourages body-mind connection

Massage & Private Yoga: The Complement
Treat yourself to 45 minutes of massage + 45 minutes of yoga for a whole being experience


Rolfing seeks to release the strangle of stuck connective tissue, increase mobility and performance, reorganize habitual holding/strain patterns and to bring the body to its highest potential of living and uprightness in gravity. Contrary to popular belief, Rolfing is generally not painful, yet sometimes uncomfortable while providing a sense of relief. Rolfing can be done on a session to session basis or a classic 10 series of Rolfing, depending on the clients needs. During a Rolfing session, a client will often wear athletic shorts, undergarments, or whatever level of clothing the individual feels comfortable in.


Thai Bodywork is a 2500 year old healing art combining the ancient wisdom of Yoga from India, Energy Lines and Acupressure Points from China and Southeast Asia and the Meditation Practices of Buddhism. Combining Yoga Asana, Meditation Practice of 'Metta' (loving kindness) and the Energetic understanding of the Body, the practitioner uses their whole body, the hands, feet, elbows, knees, and forearms, to apply pressure to the energy lines of the body in order to release tension and restore balance. Unlike regular Massage during Thai Bodywork the receiver keeps their cloths on and the bodywork is done on a mat on the floor. Thai Bodywork has been likened to "lazy mans yoga" as the receiver is stretched out with out having to do a thing. It's like getting yoga done to you, only to stay passive. It is a spiritual practice of deep presence and love.


Chi Nei Tsang is perhaps one of the most profound forms of massage. The majority of physical and emotional imbalances and congestion are stored in the abdomen, yet ironically, abdominal massage has become virtually a lost art and science. All energy lines pass through the abdomen, and this area becomes a 'dumping ground' for stagnant energy. In addition to addressing physical ailments associated with all the internal organs, this work is proven to have incredible healing effects throughout the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.


Holistic Health Coaching is a unique approach to health, fusing Eastern and Western dietary theories to meet one's biological needs. The coach works with individuals and groups to understand and reduce cravings, increase energy, and enhance health and happiness. Learn how to listen to, trust, and respect your body by integrating whole foods in your diet and establishing a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.


The intuitive reader gathers data from spiritual sources to empower you to make healthy decisions with a strong and clear heart. The goal is to reflect truth like a mirror so that you can clearly see your own beautiful and divine image. Each session is unique, confidential and judgment free. Whether you have a specific question or seek a reading of the 7 major chakras, Little Bird attends each appointment with a professionalism and presence that makes you feel comfortable and open.


Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga, is the art of living well. Practices include daily routine, diet, herbs, and yoga. Ayurvedic therapies (Shirodhara, Abhyanga, Marma Massage) activate the body's own healing responses and the benefits continue to accrue even after the treatment is complete. Throughout the year, we offer workshops, therapies and private consultations designed to educate, inspire and change the way we view self-care.


Learn to focus your attention on your breath and release your mind's continuous chatter. Let go of the daily 'roller-coaster ride' of cravings and aversions, likes and dislikes. Become balanced, relaxed and happy again and experience reality more directly, rather than reacting blindly to positive or negative events. Meditation is a natural and effective part of a regular yoga practice.

Mamas & Babes

At Laughing Lotus our intention is to be a safe, relaxing and resourceful community center. Our team includes teachers, body workers and counselors with specialized training to support women and their families from pre-pregnancy to well beyond the arrival of your baby. Throughout the year, we host visiting faculty and hold workshops tailored to the vast needs and issues related to the growing family. We are also happy to support the Alaska Birth Network. Their free meetings are held every second Sunday of the month in the Laughing Lotus studio.

Some of our specialized offerings include:


Time to dispel the myth that a woman is debilitated or limited in any way by her pregnancy! Here, expecting Moms practice Yoga in a fun and safe environment to prepare their heart, hips, breath and mind for the birthing experience. Kundalini Kriya work builds mental stamina and calms the nervous system, while specific Hatha yoga postures help sooth backache, pelvic pain and other common discomforts related to pregnancy. Every class is different and all offer a nurturing atmosphere in which to relax and restore vital energy during this sacred time in a woman's life. It is a time to connect with your baby and other great women in your community. You'll be amazed by your body's capabilities, even at full term! No previous yoga experience necessary.


A gathering of parents and babes come together to stretch first you, then baby and then share the practice. This class offers a great way to safely exercise, massage, bond and laugh with your wee one and others. Here, the community comes together in a social, warm and supportive atmosphere. For infants up to cruisers.


Down dog, proud warrior, wheel and tree come alive through story-telling, music and movement, teaching youngsters to focus and quiet the busy mind. Here, we learn to listen and breathe in a fun, playful and interactive environment. This class will improve concentration, self-esteem and encourage cooperation with others. Ages 3-5 & 6-10.


Through Yoga practices, meditation, healing massage and breath awareness, we create a strong and effective support team for the powerful and sacred event of birth. Learn to communicate through touch, breath and nurturing, working together with your partner (or any others invited to baby's birth) to develop sound ways to prepare physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually. Lessons can be held in your home, where you are most likely to begin the birthing process.


A relaxed Mama equals a relaxed and nurtured baby. There is no better time in your life to treat yourself and your growing family. Ease back pain, headaches, shoulder, and neck tension. Relax your hips and increase circulation throughout the whole body. Through conscious touch, we improve digestion, reduce fatigue, diminish swelling and promote a feeling of serenity for both Mommy and baby.


Touch is the first sense we develop in utero and is the last sense to leave us before we die. Fall deeper in love with your newborn babe by including massage in your daily ritual. Through nurturing touch we grow a bond founded on love, respect, and a feeling of wholeness where everyone in the exchange thrives. Learn the distinct massage strokes as developed by renowned teacher, author and founder of the International Association of Infant Massage, Vimala McClure. This routine covers the whole body and has profound physiological benefits including colic relief, improved digestion and a calming of the nervous system. Infant massage is a great opportunity for all family members to experience quality time with baby.


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  • Laughing Lotus Yoga Of Anchorage LLC - Health & Beauty - Fitness Centers - Midtown Photo
  • Laughing Lotus Yoga Of Anchorage LLC - Health & Beauty - Fitness Centers - Midtown Photo
  • Laughing Lotus Yoga Of Anchorage LLC - Health & Beauty - Fitness Centers - Midtown Photo
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