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Christ Community Church (C3AK) - Anchorage, AK

Location & Contact:

2222 W 100th Ave #100
Anchorage, AK 99515
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Christ Community Church - C3AK

About Us Christ Community Church (C3AK)

We are a place for authentic worship, understandable Spiritual teaching and discussion. We have a fun kid's ministry, a safe place for teenagers to belong, and more.

On a typical Sunday we will have around thirty minutes of rock style worship mixed with slower musical numbers that you are invited to sing along to. Sometimes there will be a drama sketch or a multimedia display. Then, one of our pastors will teach for about thirty minutes using fun stories, current events, and of course, the Bible. Kids 5 years old through 6th grade are always welcome to stay in the main service, but if you like, there is a kid friendly Kids World class they can go to when the music is finished.

Most importantly, C3AK is place a for anyone, ANYONE, to come and belong. Believe or not. Buy in or not. Just come and join the conversation. Were convinced that if you hang out long enough you'll discover the same thing we've discovered -- a vital relationship with God and people who love God that makes life today a lot more worthwhile.
Where did our name come from?

We spent considerable time making a decision on a church name.
Guiding the process were three principles:

​First: rather than be trendy or catchy, we wanted the name to stand the test of time.
Second: we wanted the name to be inclusive and not exclusive.
Third: as much as possible, we wanted the name to be self-explanatory.

Additionally, we believed that the use of the word church was essential as opposed to chapel, fellowship, assembly or point! Christ Community Church fit these guidelines perfectly. Further, Christ Community Church has the added benefit of clearly stating our primary values: spirituality (Christ), community (Community) and mission (Church).
Whats with the pretzel in our church logo?

We like pretzels, but this isn't one of them. The symbol is an ancient one like the cross, Christmas tree, Star of David, Labyrinth and others. And, like these, it has meant many things throughout the centuries. Its origins are Celtic and for the early Celtic Christians it held great symbolism of the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) as well as the nature of man (flesh, mind, spirit). We like those too, and it has added meaning for us at C3AK of the three primary values expressed in our name; spirituality (Christ), community (Community) and mission (Church). The artwork we have used in the logo is an original piece painted by Carol Shupe.
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