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Anchorage Waterways Council - Anchorage, Alaska

Location & Contact:

Mailing: PO Box 241774
Anchorage, AK 99524-1774
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Anchorage Waterways Council

The mission of AWC is to promote the prevention of further environmental degradation; and the protection, restoration, and enhancement of waterways, wetlands, and associated uplands within the Municipality of Anchorage.

Anchorage Waterways Council is a 501(c)3 non-profit membership organization whose mission is to protect, restore, and enhance the waterways, wetlands, and associated uplands of Anchorage. Our members believe that environmentally healthy watersheds are a vital part of the high quality of life that we enjoy in Anchorage. We also believe that the beautiful creeks of Anchorage need a group specifically dedicated to advocating for their health and well being.

We work with a large and diverse group of partners including federal and state resource agencies, local government, the business community, and individual citizens to improve the watershed environment through planning, advocacy, education, and science. Governing documents may be obtained by written request to the Executive Director, Cherie Northon at or to our mailing address.

What You Can Do to Help Our Creeks and Lakes
Do your part to reduce the amount of water and pollutants flowing into our waterways!

-Keep vehicles well maintained
-Yard and grass cuttings should be composted or disposed of in the garbage—not into creeks or lakes
-Homes adjacent to waterways should maintain a natural vegetation buffer
-ALWAYS pick up pet waste
-Avoid or use minimal amounts of fertilizers and pesticides
-Wash vehicles at car washes or on your lawn—avoid sending suds down drains
-Increase plantings, decrease impervious areas
-Hose driveways and divert rain gutters onto your lawn or planted areas

-Store and dispose of hazardous waste properly
-Maintain vehicles so they don’t drip fluids (oil, fuel, and antifreeze)
-Wash vehicles off-site at approved facilities
-Sweep up dirt and debris rather than pressure-washing them into storm drains or creeks
-Cover stored items, stockpiles and dumpsters and place them in areas away from storm drains and creek banks
-Increase planted areas and decrease impervious surfaces
-Have a spill response plan with all employees trained in its use

Reduce or eliminate cigarette butt waste>/b>
-Cigarettes are toxic waste, and the number one littered item on beaches and roadways
-They leach chemicals that are poisonous to wildlife and fish, and can contaminate water sources

Recycling Resources
ALPAR - recycling paper, glass, plastic, and other items in Anchorage

Total Reclaim - recycling electronics, light bulbs, batteries, refrigerants, and other items

Solid Waste Services - recycling hazardous materials


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